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How should I ask an older girl out if I've never asked someone out before? Answered

I'm a sophomore guy and there's this junior girl that I like, I know her a little bit, not like a good friend, just someone she knows. I'll occasionally (more like hardly) talk to her a tiny bit, a little small talk, and I want to get to know her a little better and eventually ask her out. The sad thing is that I've never asked someone out before, so I need a little bit of help here. I don't even know if she likes me or not, so how should I approach this? Any tips and help would be greatly appreciated.


Just be yourself and be as straightforward as possible. Girls love guys who have enough confidence.

In this day and age, Text it to her.... if she says no, blame it on the alcohol lol or on a friend who took your phone or try tactic number two...something, u could say is "hey wana go out to the movies sometime" if she says no then be like crap sorry wrong number lol

actually if you dont want to get too deep too fast, this might work...it would tell you if she likes you enough to share a free (for her) meal or a movie or somethin at least...lol...just an idea...lol...

but on a more serious note:

Take the time to try to talk to her, small talk is the best, you don't have to be aggressive in any way shape or form. Get to know who she is and the primary thing is 'networking" you'll realize that everything in life is done through networking, if you have friends that know her try to use that to your advantage and thats always something that you have in common and can be a great conversation starter. Don't be that one guy who forces him self onto her and breaks the personal space. Try talking to her on facebook or through texts at first enough to get your fooot in the door. after that invite her out to the movies or out to eat but only after you have talked to her a couple of times. If she doesnt know you, and you randomly ask her out it would be like..... if a guy just randomly jumped out of the bushes and scared you..... your first instinct is punch him in the face or run away.... dont be that guy hiding in the bushes

Not to be corny, but just do it.

Thing is, you don't have an inkling of whether she likes you too, so you're going blind. May as well just plunge in.

The only thing you have to fear is rejection, and trust me, cousin, that's just part of growing up. It hurts a shipload more while you're stressing about whether it might or might not happen than the reality once it's happened (and faded of course!)

say "hi, would you like to go out with me" -- repeat until successful.

But pause between repeats, otherwise you'll sound like the Simpsons children nagging Homer...

"hi, would you like to go out with me" "hi, would you like to go out with me"
"hi, would you like to go out with me" "hi, would you like to go out with me"
"hi, would you like to go out with me" "hi, would you like to go out with me"
"hi, would you like to go out with me" "hi, would you like to go out with me"
"hi, would you like to go out with me" "hi, would you like to go out with me"
"hi, would you like to go out with me" "hi, would you like to go out with me"

I was thinking more literally -- ad nauseum, just keep repeating :D It's ONE tactic...or is it a tic-tac?

I think the ad nauseum approach would result in a slap.

Or possibly a restraining order...

not with ONE target -- its the keep trying addege..a la 'dont give up'

I don't really like formal approaches to asking out people. Usually I just get to know them to the point of an easy conversation, find a point of common interest (minigolf?) and say something like,"That sounds like so much fun, we should totally go do that sometime!"

To get women, you have to at least try to understand their thought process. Totally.

Did you just ask Re-design out on a date, and did he just accept? Man your good.

"Hey, I'm thinking of (going to a movie, going to a restaurant I like, going to an amusement park, whatever) ... Would you be interested in joining me?"

In other words, ask the same way you would ask any other friend... because what you're really trying to do is develop a friendship.

If you're nervous about making it A Date, organize something that includes several friends and invite her to join that. That's a lower-stress way to get to know someone.

Just start talking to her. If she smiles and maybe touches her hair and looks like she's enjoying the conversation just say "would you like to go out and "bla bla bla".