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How to Make a skin whitening cream in a professional manner? Answered

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Given the risk of damaging your skin, I would recommend spending the money rather than trying to make your own. Besides, odds are that the ingredients in small quantities would cost you more than a commercial cream would.

Actually, given the risk of damaging your skin with ANY kind of bleaching cream, I would strongly recommend that you talk to a doctor before doing this. Damaged skin is NOT beautiful. Neither is skin cancer.

Unless you have a very specific cosmetic problem -- in which case talking to a doctor is highly recommended since they'll be able to advice you on the most effective and safest solution -- I recommend that you instead get comfortable with being who you are. Or, if this is absolutely necessary for a performance, use cosmetics rather than trying to alter your skin.


7 years ago

Black is beautiful.

How dark are you?


In a professional manner?

First hire a secretary who knows how to use spell check!

Hire a medical/chemical engineer to design the cream.
Hire a research team to test the cream.
Hire a marketing team to market it.
Hire legal, accounting, management and manufacturing personnel.
Build an office and mfg. facility.
Buy supplies of proper chemicals, packaging and other supplies.

Or just buy a pre-made batch and relabel.