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How to bond cross linked acrylic sheets? Answered

I want to join two 1/4" thick acrylic sheets.  All the welding adhesives for acrylic claim to not work for cross linked joins.  Can someone please suggest the proper chemical or any other method to bond the two pieces together.



how bout a plastic welder? this heats air from a compressor. i have one, but havent used it much.


3 years ago

I forgot to mention, structural integrity is very important. It is not a flexible joint and would go through considerable stress.

Than you would be better off using a tounge and groove joint.
From my experience anything thinner than 8mm is very hard to glue with good strenght.
A tounge and groove system allows for great strenght without compromising the joint too much.

Thanks. I may also look into HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) Plastic Sheets. They are a bit pricey but you can actually make threads in them and screw the two pieces together.

If you are working with an overlap anyway the acetone gluing method should work just fine.
If done good there is no visible "glue".
Another way for really clear joints is to use "Loka glue" the stuff used for display repairs.
It forms a bond similar to silicone but cures with UV light.
With an overlap the bond is quite strong.

I looked up Luca Glue. Seems like a good option. The product's main use seems to be to repair phone glass. Which means it must provide fairly good strength.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Silicone will work for flexible joints.
Take two small test pieces,
make sure the joints are flat and algign with a tiny gap,
use a dripper or brush to get Acetone into the joint,
make sure to cover the entire joint,
wait a few seconds for most of the acetone to evaporate then repeat,
while still wet press the joints together and keep pressure for about 30 minutes.
I use this for normal acrylic when I can't or won't use silicone and it works quite good.
Never done any structural tests on the joints though but would assume they are slightly more brittle than the sheet itself.

Is this for an aquarium or just a non structural piece like artwork or case?