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How to build a mist cooling system to attach to a fan outdoors? Answered

I need instruction on how to build an outdoors mist cooling system to attach to a fan. I have the 2 fans installed in the area one in each corner and a water facuet under one of the fans?


NO WAY!!! In order to achieve cooling, you need to atomize the water, which can only happen under high pressure (1000 psi). anything else and you'd just be getting wet from teh mister, and no cooling.

You need the right pump to keep up the 1000 psi pressure for however many nozzles you want available. that is why these misting systems are expensive

Yes, as lemonie said, buy a garden hose head that has "Mist" as an option. Maybe build some sort of wooden contraption under the fan to hold in place, and put pressure on the garden hose head, allowing the mist to be sprayed up-wards, and then blown forwards by the fan(s).

Sorry lemonie, basically just said what you had, and added a bit of detail :).



Garden mister / sprinkler? L