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How to build a ray box to use for a set of refractions/reflections? Answered

I would like to make a 'solid' ray box (not out of cardboard!), preferably with more than one slot, and shine the rays from it to a set of mirrors, prisms, and all different kinds of reflective/refractive materials. The light would bounce off quite a few medias so I imagine it needs to be quite strong, but again, how strong? I know I need a fresnel lense in order to make the rays coming out of my ray box parallel but what is the rule, what distance does the lense need to be from the source of light, and does it depend on the size and strength of the light?
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Best Answer 7 years ago

Instead of futzing with a non point source of light and adjusting a fresnel
lens to make nearly parallel beams,  Buy a seven low cost laser pointers
and place them in parallel ( so easy ) for your light box.
I might personally get the line laser pointers and affix them parallel.
That should give you an outstanding light box.
You do know about Best Answers.



Answer 7 years ago

Thanks a lot, surprisingly enough I had not thought of that option. One thing though, is the laser line going to be refracted by the prisms? (obviously I won't get any spectrum but I just want the beam to bounce off and be controlled by the position of my prisms...


Answer 7 years ago

Yea.... Lasers are monochromatic.
But you could place two or more color lasers side by side and show a
knockout refraction.
Otherwise cut the customary slit in a window shade :-)