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How to cut a LED Strip by not the marks provided? Answered

i'm lookin for a LED strip very special.
60 LED/m
1800 lumens / m
IP 20
Trimmable each 5 cm.


Every body offers to me each 10cm but it's imposible for us use that one. when I say everybody believe me  that I asked a lot of suppliers.

Do you know how to cut a LED strip wherever you want??? Not in the marks provided?





3 years ago

You can do a Shrink of the strip by cutting a segment out of the copper and re-solder the traces as demonstrated in the pictures.

Do this several places and you can achieve your necessary length !!


Actually you do not need the third solder joint down as it is unnecessary for the current flow. Similar situations will occur in other cuts and shrink. But always be sure to solder the top and bottom power traces.

Additionally the copper traces can be peeled up, then under cut, so that traces will overlap and solder almost invisibly on a shrink operation !

Ok, Iceng.

I'll send this to my girlfriend/boss hahaha ( not funny:( ) to check if she can do this.

Thank you,


Hi, thanks for the answers.

everything comes from a ''high design'' project, and there is not physical space to hide even a ground of rice... unfortunately.

Thanks again!


3 years ago

Yes but it will not light one or two leds.

the pictured example the OFF CUT turns D4 off by interrupting the
series circuit consisting of R2-D4-D5-D6 ! ! . ...............

STRIPcut.bmpCopy of pics 012.jpg

BTW yours may have 6,7 or 8 LEDs in series because 24V supports more but the situation is principally the same. When you cut where you please a series circuit is disabled and there is no way around it.

I solved the problem by simply sliding the unneeded strip segment through a slot under the display facing. The LED strip segment does not heat up where it is not seen and I can see a partial series LED string.

+1 Just hide the lights you don't need.

If you wanted 5cm spacing the 12V strips will cut to those lengths. the 24V strips cut every 10cm (Vs 5cm) because they have twice the voltage to drop, and so need twice the Led's in series.

If in doubt get some copper tape, resistors and LED's and make your own light strip ;)

It is possible, but then you have to a) connect the cathode of the last LED on the strip with Ground to allow the current to flow AND b) to increase the resistor of this part of the strip. See iceng's schematic. To calculate the needed resistor, you can use an online calculator.