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How to do great in a job interview Answered

I have a job interview coming up, nothing special just retail, but I can't express enough how badly I need this job. But I also can't express enough how horrible my job interview skills are!! Someone help me out.


What happened then? L

Having interviewed people myself, there are some recognisable types:
"Not suitable" - they obviously don't have the ability to do the job
"desperate" - they try everything they think you want to hear, or otherwise think is going to sound good.
"scripted" - they take every opportunity to reel-off something pre-prepared, while ignoring your questions.
"has potential" - you can see they're capable of learning.
"can do" - has experience and could learn easily.

Employers are usually after the last two - make sure you present yourself as someone who acknowledges they don't know the job very well, but can learn it. Present what is good about yourself, you must have some social skills, through being part of something (that's for you to fill-in). You have some kind of education, you know things that you do for fun / entertainment.

Treat an interview as "we've read the resume and application form, now what is this guy like?"

Nervousness will disguise you, listen to what they ask and give your best honest answers. For an entry-level retail job it will be the case that you you'll easily beat a lot of the other candidates by simply being able to converse with the interview panel comfortably.

Like you say "nothing special" - get your mind into that - you're easily good enough, be confident in that and be professional by answering the questions you're asked to the best of your ability.

(It's not an exam, it's an assessment as to whether they want you handling their customers, and how you handle them is largely how you will be judged)

Best wishes


Thanks so much! That was really helpful :)

It'll be helpful if you get the job... L