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How to drop an egg from a window and prevent it from crashing Answered

Hello everybody I think you might find this exercise fun and at the same time original ideas are needed! Thanks In advance!! I'm studying design and this exercise has become a classic at my school. Since 10 years ago students have tried to reach the objective but also to develop an original and creative solution. The exercise is to develop a kind of device in order to be able to drop an egg from a window in the first floor and land it safely on the ground at a distance that has to be less than 3 cm from it. Plain Parachutes and slides are forbidden as they are too obvious unless they have a distinctive aspect and also you can`t wrap the egg in something soft (like a pillow) and drop it. Important things to take notice are: -The person has to loose all contact with the egg (You can´t hold a fishing rod with an egg on the end of the line and slowly get it down). -It must be a raw chicken egg Thanks!!


Use a large box and attach a smaller one to the inside of it using elastic. Use the elastic to connect each corner of the smaller box (which will contain the egg) to the inside corner of the larger box. Make sure the elastic is good and taut but does give a little. Put your egg in the small box and pad it. and something to pad it--this isn't against the rules, I assume, as it's inside the box which is really the dropping mechanism. Seal the box. Then seal the larger box. Drop to your heart's content.

Little eggy trampoline. Another idea is to make the fall BIGGER. Can you shoot the egg upwards with a t-shrit cannon or some such and then have a parachute deploy from it and carry it safely to earth? That's a parachute with style.

A small box and you run a nylon through the box and tie one end to the box and then a knot inside the box next to the egg then you put an egg in and tie it again next to the egg and then tie it to the other side of the box, tight but not to tight... This was great it dropped 40 feet hit the round and the egg was intact, but, yep there was small mishap, the box broke open and the egg was launched at the teacher and this is when it broke ... (( the teacher didn't find it any where near as funny as all the students did )) but it was still with my schools rules because the egg only had to survive landing intact, which it kinda did....

make a roll cage made of popsicle sticks or straws with lots of triangles. then go and put the egg in the middle, but attach a bunch of rubber bands to it, and suspend the egg in the middle by attaching the other ends of the rubber bands to the roll cage. that should work i think


10 years ago

We made a sort of spindlyt capsule and legs with a parachute. We put a hole in the parachute center for stability and it was designed to crumple apart, instead of the egg. Worked pretty well, but my speciality in this kind of thing is knex bridges and paper towers to hold weights