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How to enter space orbit using raw humanpower!!! Answered

Hi all!

I was wondering what it would take and if it is even possible to reach space atmosphere from your backyard using nothing but humanoid musclepower to reach the outscirts of the earths atmosphere!
to reduce weight i would suggest to put on a licht as can be space suit, strap on some oxigentanks and go, go GO!

But, what device would be best suited for the job?\
And what would you "absolutely" need to reach outside of our atmosphere?

Greetings earthlings!


build a water electrolysis machine that is human powered to split water into its elements. collect all the hydrogen in a large balloon and hold on as it drifts upwards.

This idea may not be possible because as we go up and up the air density decreases and one cannot reach the outer space with just a hydrogen balloon as it can go up to troposphere only but if it is possible, a man cannot produce hydrogen by using a generator or something because as water splits it produces hydrogen and oxygen in the ratio of 2:1 and he may take some weeks months or even years to fill a balloon of 72847.88 liters to lift nearly a 81 kg of load(a man) i think this hypothesis is impossible. thank you.

But, what if the whole neighbourhood would help and step in.
Take a couple of people to fill the balloon with multiple filling machines, and presto.

First of all, you will need a rated thermal suit.... such as an astronaut suit.. The temperatures in space are so low, that your blood would boil, causing your blood pressure to rise to the point where arteries tear and stretch.. Causing rupture. Your brain would instantly pop all of those valuable micro-veins that bring blood to your neurons.

But... it would still happen when you reach space right?

On a weird note I can think of a way to do this...

Unfortunately it's rather uh, lavatorial... You could process potassium nitrate for massive amounts of urine and use it as an oxidiser for a poop rocket...

AHA, and the human power is the amount of pressure you use to...excreet...poop...
How much poop would you need to fill a rocket that reaches speeds higher than 18.000MPH?
Not only that, but... what does your sphincster look like after excreting gallon after gallon of poop?!

And, where do you store it.
My backyard is big enough, but not that big i think.
Maybe some dug in silo's?

Uh I meant you "processed" it... You could dry it out and burn it to make a massive and insanely impractical steam catapult...

This is a real question?


I like theorising about these kinds of things.

I do however understand your question ;-)

In theory though... if it would be possible to do this on a reasonable budget, i would try, try, try before i die.

So, what do you think, dould it be done?
If so, how would you do it?

Its not hard to do the energy calculation, energy to accelerate you to orbital velocity, around 18,000 mph.......

Sustained power output for a person can be determined pretty easily too... Hell the gym can give you a rough idea with most machines (likely not accurate) but a long set of stairs, needs to be long enough not to be a sprint, can be used to do it, as long as you know the height and length...

You are not theorizing. You're asking other people to do the theorizing for you.

you are right, i confes...

In truth... i like to read the theories that arise between instructable peeps ;-)

But i also like to talk about the ideas that come forth from the wonderfull minds that are thinking up new ways of doing things.
Even the weird stuff is compelling, or just plain old fun ;-P

Would a very large stairway do ?

Reminds me of a song... Stairway to haven? ;-)

Stairway to Haven ? Or do you mean heaven ;-)

Stairway to "haven" would be kind of short for a walk up to space indeed..
So yes, i meant "heaven" hehehe.

Yeah, after about 100 steps it'd become a bit much.

Direct human power barely gets craft more than a few feet into the air.

You could, though, ride a helium balloon to the edge of space, then jump back, as I believe somebody is planning to do.

If you felt the need to be human powered you could hang a rope a hundred feet below it then climb it before you jump...

We're overthinking this... Tying a ladder to climb on to the side, then climb it, bungee off and jump as you let go while going up... See simple...

Okee... so let me think...

Climb into helium balloon, drift of to the stratosphere, or (here's where the human power comes into play) take a seat in the cyclechair that powers a couple of propellors to "propel" you forward using the raw power thats stored in your legs from eating to much twinkee's becouse of the stress you endured while thinking up this plan of shear suicide,.
Put a bungeecord on thats atleast a kilometer long, jump down (i would suggest to strap on a couple off weights for good measure) at the point you cant go down any further, you rip the weigths off and "SWING" up faster then the speed of sound (or your sreams of joy/agony) than put on your biggst smile and photograph your attempt when reaching space...
Remember, exhale in space, or your body will explode...
Than, when you fall down, aim for your helium balloon and hope you can grab on.
Tell the tail to your offspring, making you the most famous guy in history of the human race and presto... you reached space from the comforts of your own backyard!

Ok, when i win the lottery, im gonna try this!

Someone did already, I think.

No, they are planning to do so, as Kiteman said.


Kittinger holds the record, but that record is "only" from 103,000 feet (less than 20 miles). Space is defined internationally as starting 100 km (62 miles) above the surface (geoid) of the Earth.

...And, of course, "Space Jump" itself is equally misnamed. They're planning a jump from 120,000 feet (23 miles), which is not significantly "closer" to "space" than Kittinger's efforts.

it really depends on how you want to get back to earth, in pieces? or fully intacted...
do like they do on minecraft, because if you have super human strength you can carry enough block to places under your self to elevate your self to space, and if gravity didnt exist it would be a whole different story, or you can go biblical and build a tower like 'the tower of babel' aain assuming your willing to put in the time and you have super human strength, another thing would be permits and government regulation... you would maybe need to buy the airspace from the government, which takes alot of money, or just strap a rocket to your self and hope for the best :)

You would have to store the energy, then release it.
In real terms this is how it works, with the human-work producing the result as launch vehicles.
"nothing but" doesn't get very far off the ground.


Indeed... unless you jumped really, really, really, really really hard...

but, using a human powered device that would store this power and release it in a big burst, what kind of machine "could"do it?

Might be able to do something if you can store power that releases in one big go. Sort of like using a bike generator and an ion engine. Don't know what could store that much power though.