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Need an alternative to "long-term food storage in plastic buckets". Answered


I'm in Mumbai, India.

I spoke to a few people from the U.S. who do survival things and one had spent his life in long-term food storage. I wanted to this too. He explained me very clearly how to store food-grains long-term.

What I was told is to get some big food-grade plastic buckets with air-tight lids and put the grains and a calculated amount of dry ice on top of the grains using newspaper. Then, put the lid on and after sometime, check if there is any expansion or change in the bucket and if the dry ice is evaporated. Then seal the lid tightly.

But, my main problem is getting plastic sealed buckets here in India. I have tried a few malls, bakeries, shops and even online but can't find air-tight buckets or big containers larger than one liter capacity. I was able to find dry ice, though.

Can anyone tell me an alternative to air-tight buckets that I can use?

Much appreciated,


when food is sealed in bags as shown and put in buckets the only place we have to store these buckets is in a shed ... we live in the very southern part of the US AND our shed gets REAL REAL REAL HOT in the summer (Real Hot only the other seasons.)

Question How hot can the food (using your suggestions) get with out SPOILING

mainly CANNED products ??? meats, veggies fruits.

Heavy duty plastic bags, held in big buckets, do the CO2 trick, and then seal the bags ?

Thanks to everyone for the replies.

Steve: What would be needed to seal the plastic bags? Or what is the CO2 trick?

Can the thick transparent plastic sheets used to cover the roofs in most homes here in Mumbai during rainy season be used? These are easily available. Just don't know if these would be food grade.


I think a double wire tie might be sufficient. The CO2 trick is YOURS of using the dry ice ;-)

If you want to store a drum full, and use it once you open the drum quickly, you could WELD the bag shut - look for "vacuum bagging" for some ideas. Its basically a heated clamp, which fuses the bag together.

I think what you are looking for is a plastic barrel .
Do a Google search for " plastic barrel Mumbai".

5-gallon (19 liter) empty paint buckets with lids can often be had at home improvement stores and similar (Home Depot, Menards, Lowes).  They're also available online, see http://www.uline.com/BL_8150/Plastic-Pails-And-Lids.   Search for a plastics or packaging dealer in your area.

THey are not necessarily food grade, but as steveastrouk indicates, heavy food-grade plastic bags inside the buckets should do nicely.

Good luck!

....but there are very few Home Depot, Menards and Lowes in Mumbai......

vacuum packing