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How to make Person following Robot? Answered

I want to make a robot for my digital logic design. This robot will follow the person as person walks it follow him... i want to make it using only logic gates... do plz help me to make this robot happen.



1. Attach string to human

2. Attach other end of string to human

sorry, couldnt think of anything... im tired :(

lol 2. attach string to robot.. gosh why did I post that...

no i have to use only logic gates... kindly help me put to make this project happen

Does it have to be a person following robot? You probably need to consider something a little less complicated

Is this for a school project?

If it has to be that complex of an item made only of Logic gates then your being asked to basically build your own IC from scratch. Something like that will take hundreds if not thousands of logic gates to accomplish. You will end up with an extremely large and overly complex circuit board.

Thanks for rply.... Ok so iam not going to do this project... can u please help me to decide me a simple project using logic gates for university student... this project is of digital logic design..

Think simple like flashing a light based on input. Build a traffic signal!