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How to make a Bauhaus Arc Floor Lamp...? Answered

So I was thinking of using Copper Pipe. Fill the pipe with sand, seal the edges and bend it over a jig whilst heating it with a flame. I would make the jig by cutting out a LARGE arc out of ply wood, add a slot for the pipe, heat, bend, repeat…

See any flaws? Any Comments welcome, even ones about Brazilian monkeys raiding firework factories in china.

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Just another GreyBird

Kinda Like the Photo here:


Most likely not just fill tube with sand to prevent collapse or use a tube bender.

Shouldn't be a problem - your method sounds Ok - Personally with the cost of copper I would use steel

Thanks for taking the time to answer this. I'll look into the steel. Copper is not that expensive here in South Africa. A 2m Copper Tube costs about US $13 give or take the exchange rate. With the steel, will the heating with a blow torch still be necessary?