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How to make a blanket out of flat sheets.? Answered

I have made a queen size blanket out of flat sheets and used a flannel blanket for the inside. It is very heavy. I am wanting to make a twin size but not with the flannel blanket. What suggestions do you have?


I had a friend that used mattress covers. She cut off the edges that fit around the mattress and just used the quilted top part as her batting. These are easily found at thrift stores and aren't as heavy as flannel blankets.

Quilt batting would be lighter. Or maybe of those lightweight fleece blankets - they're pricey new, but you may be able to find one for cheap at a thrift store, especially since the pattern & color won't matter as long as they won't show through your sheets. You could even use a couple of fleece throws - they're smaller, cheaper, and more abundant at thrift stores - sewn together.