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How to make a silicon mold so i can make ice lollies in a shape? Answered

I want to make icelollies in the shape of a word. You can buy little shapes to make ice lollies (i'm not sure how you call those things in English, in Dutch it's called waterijsjes) but i want to make my own shape. Any tips?


You could do something like this by using an existing mold and filling it with melted gummi, hard candies, or chocolate.

I think you're asking about making molds for popsicles. I haven't been able to find an 'ible about that, but when I've made them for my nephews, I use an ice cube tray. Just fill the tray with fruit juice, let it set about half way, poke sticks (popsicle sticks or toothpicks work) in and let it freeze the rest of the way.

Or, molds can be made from food grade silicone pretty easily. If you want to make gummi candies specifically, you can make a mold using corn starch (put it in a large flat container, press whatever you want to mold down into it, remove the item, pour in the melted gummi, let it set).

First, find out what silicone material you will be using, and find out what will cause it to not set up. Some possible contaminants include water, sulfur (including the trace of sulfur in rubber bands), tape and specific types of plastic. Second, make the shape you want out of something that isn't a contaminant : ) Glue the shape (larger side down so you can pull the mold off) to a flat surface. If you want a thin mold, you will be painting the silicone on. If you want a thick mold, you need to make walls around the shape so you can fill the area with silicone.