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How to make a single bright LED light that is powered by AC and what are the components to make it? Answered

I'm making a product that I will use a single led light that is powered by ac. What are the items that I will need to make it including the cord also I want a cord that has an on/off switch in the cord.


Can you even power an LED on AC? Is 60hz (US) a high enough frequency to keep an LED on?

Yes, you can power an LED on AC. You need to be VERY careful about the reverse voltage applied to it though - classically, you can put a diode in anti-parallel, or you just use two LEDs in anti-parallel (and a resistor)


Anti-parallel - this would result in a large current through your non-LE diode every 360o?
I would think that a non-LE diode in series would hold the reverse voltage, but I don't understand these things in too much depth.


This what I'm not sure about. I just simply want to make a product that I want to have an single LED like to come on use a normal wall outlet. I'm assuming I will need the following items.

1: Cord I know I can buy them with an on/off switch already part of the cord.
2: some extra wire that I will need inside of my product. (What size?)
3: resister: What size?
4: LED Bulb.. Those I have

What else am I missing???



6 years ago

I recommend you get a ;
  • AC wall wart that has a 5 VDC output¬† see_IMAGEs
  • White LED 2.4V at 20ma ( you didn't specify )
  • Resistor of 130 ohms
  • Coaxial Receptacle see_IMAGE_3
  • Any kind of ON/off/ON switch.

Low voltage AC presumably, not direct on-line ?


I just want to plug the AC cord into a normal wall socket in your home and have the LED light come on. Just not sure what are all of the components to make it.
Like I will need these following items.

1 cord: I can buy these with the on/off switch as part of the cord
2. wire: I know I will need a little of this( but what size)
3. Resistor: (what size)
4. LED bulb: ( I have these already)

???Is this all I need???

If you have to ask these questions, direct on-line LEDs are NOT for you. I recommend you stick with a wall-wart power supply.



6 years ago

You just joined, we don't know your skill set or your detailed needs.

How many candle-power is bright ?

And what color LED ?
white ?

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