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How to make a single frequency am radio receiver? Answered

I know how to make a 1 mhz am radio transmitter, so now I want to make a 1 mhz radio receiver to receive audio. I would prefer to not have to wind any coils and just make solid state with few components. Do I need to have a coil to receive the radio waves? Also can someone link me to an explanation or explain how I can demodulate with a 1 mhz crystal oscillator. I don't want a link to 'how to make an am radio' I can do that myself. I just want to know A. how to receive the radio signals hopefully without a coil (only using a variable cap?) and B. How I can demodulate using a crystal oscillator. Can I somehow receive the signal using an oscillator like was done with a 555 timer here https://www.instructables.com/id/555-timer-radio/

Links to schematics / pictures of schematics must appreciated? Thank you


There is another way to make it. Use a trimmer capacitor in parallel with the ferrite coil or use a 470 pF, 330 pF or any capacitor from 1 to 470 pF.

You need an antenna, but, while its possible to make an RF receiver without any inductors, they tend not to be very selective.

Make something with the old NE602 chip - like the ARRL Neophyte of blessed memory, but where they used an LC oscillator, put your crystal in instead.

Sorry, the Neophyte uses wound components too.