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How to paint a design on a car? Answered

In auto shop are teacher is allowing us to bodywork to different degrees, and has allowed to to paint designs on the car such as our school logo. How would we go about painting on a logo or any other design. I figure we would need to clean the surface and possibly remove some of the finish to make sure the paint doesn't flake off. Any help is appreciated.


Most car decorative paintwork is air brushed onto the car after (as said) preparing the surface suitably.

Your best best will be to search for a youtube video showing the process of air brushing.

Yes it is all about the prep work and the paints you use. Your best bet would be to sand the area with a 400 grit paper to ruff it up for paint. You'll likely want to make stencils of the image you want to paint on it and airbrush the colors on. Make a different stencil for each color you'll use. Be sure to mask off everything you don't want to get paint on because the paint mist will go everywhere. When your done give the area a good clear coat to seal it all in and your done.