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How to protect fingers when using a food slicer (mandolin) ? Answered

I have a new food slicer (mandolin) and the included food holder that's suppose to protect your fingers when slicing food doesn't work very well. Any ideas on what to use?? I thought of the squeezie hair clip, or old hair pick, but haven't tried them.



9 years ago

GuardianFox has nailed it, I think! It IS a problem, but the butchers glove is an excellent solution. GF:-where would you get one?

A chef's chain maile glove would work wonders. Also handy for anytime you're cutting in the kitchen.

I gave up on using a mandoline because that holder does not work well. I think you have to halve potatoes to get a flat surface to start the cut and it still leaves a big chunk in the holder unsliced. I did nick a fingertip once and it was not nice. The next best thing is to use a folded towel to hold whatever you are slicing or go back to getting a nice sharp kitchen knife and do all the prepwork the old fashioned way. of course, it is tough to get those cool waffle fries without the use of a mandoline and making julienne cucumber strips for sushi is a chore. Good luck.

It's really in the technique, you're either don't use hand-guards and know how not to slice your fingers OR you use the hand-guard that came with the mandoline. I wouldn't advise improvising around a sharp blade if you're not confident to do without protection.