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How to refill Epson T079220 Cyan Ink Cartridge ? Answered

I don't want to exchange a new Epson T079220 Cyan Ink Cartridge for my printer. So i want to refill Epson T079220 Cyan Ink Cartridge by myself to save my money. But i haven't done that ever. i don't know how to do it ? Any idea?


Their no need to exchange your Epson inkjet cartridge at all, you can refill it on your own by using appropriate tools for it. You can use Epson inkjet refilling kit to refill your inkjet cartridge.  But their are chances that you may save more money if you use Epson remanufactured inkjet cartridges which are available online.

I tried to refill a set of inkjet cartridges on my Canon printer.  It is relatively easy to don on a pair of rubber gloves and spread out some newspaper so you can drill a tiny hole and inject the ink.

But the rub is, you eventually end up screwing up your printer.  My refill kit from a "reputable" store which claimed 100% compatibility eventually clogged up my printheads and one color out of three bled ink because it wasn't the same viscosity or something.  I ran through so many cleaning cycles and resoaking the printheads in warm water and alcohol to get them working.  The one time it did print afterwards, the colors were not as vibrant as the original.

Manufacturers design it so it is tough for the consumer to really try to refill the ink cartridge so you have to buy a real one from them.  Some have chips embedded so you it will sense when it is empty and cannot be reset. And the price you pay for a replacement cartridge, especially for an older model printer, may be more than the price of a new printer complete with starter ink.  I have replaced some printers favoring laserjet, at least the toner is good for a couple hundred pages driving down the cost.

Anyway, even some generic refills have the same issues.  You do refill ink at your own risk.  I have now gone with disposable printers for the two inkjets I still have.

If you clog the heads you've had it.
The manufacturers will say "told you so", the cheaper-ink merchants will say what? "You didn't follow the instructions properly"?


Yeah, a new set of printheads cost as much as a set of refill ink and they have to be special ordered.  My printheads were separate from the inktank but cartridges were still expensive.  So it cost me the refill ink kit, time to refill the ink, a set of "generic" cartridges to replaced the dodgy refilled cartridges to see if my printer was still working, a new set of real cartridges to stick in the printer after the generic refills didn't work so well to establish that my printer was really hosed, cost of a new printer to replace the hosed printer....add that up for trying to get away cheap with a refill.

Sometimes a new printer can be bought with ink cheaper than ink...