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How to repair corrupted PDF files? Answered

Hi all.

My PC was infected by viruses..

I have cleaned it completely, but many office and pdf files are corrupted and won’t open.

I have tried many many repair programs that I googled but can’t find appropriate.

Thanks for your help in advance!



Best Answer 3 years ago

Instruction for PDF


Click the
"PDF Toolkit" link in the Resources section to download the PDF
Toolkit program. Double-click the downloaded file and extract the contents into
any directory on your local hard drive.


Double-click the
"Setup.exe" file and click "Next." Click
"Install." Click "Finish" when the installation is
complete. The PDF Toolkit program will open automatically.


Click the
"Repair a PDF" button. Click "OK." Click on the corrupted
PDF file to select it and press the "Open" button. The PDF Toolkit
program will repair the corrupted file and add "_fixed" to the file
name, while saving it in the same directory as the corrupted file.

Also some helpful and easy to use resources which may help you to resolve your issue:

link on pdf online repair service-

Next resource also
can aid you to resolve pdf issues:-

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Hi...you can now easily repair corrupted pdf file using special repair tool called PDF Repair Tool. This tool is capable of fixing, repairing or recovering any kind of data related to PDF files. For more information, please visit:


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For more details visit: https://recoveryandmanagement.wordpress.com/2014/09/17/repair-pdf-file-damaged-corrupt/

If you are unable to access your PDF file or it
cannot be opened. This happen due to virus attack, human error,
improper download, network breakdown, abrupt system shutdown etc. PDF
File repair tool repair your corrupt or damaged PDF file easily in
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If the files where just deleted they can be saved in many cases. But since the files are corrupted you probably won't be able to recover them.

"But since the files are corrupted you probably won't be able to recover them"

It is not always right!!

There is a good piece of 3rd party tool (Stellar Phoenix PDF repair) that can repair corrupt or damaged PDF file and recover data from it.

Personally I have tested this tool. If you want to evaluate then download the demo version and test it on corrupt file. It might change your opinion.



3 years ago

I think this actually might be a cleaver spam.

So, anyone who reads it should keep that in mind. It's most likely an attempt to get you to use the programs or visit the web site. Unless someone legit, a regular user who didn't join just to answer this question, tries it and says so and that it works, you might be buying something in the end.

This is after the horse has bolted BUT - make REGULAR backups. That way you will loose little.