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How to source components for a DIT VAWT? Answered

I am living on the Atlantic coast of a Caribbean Island and need to set up a VAWT with a capacity of 1 to 2 KW to charge batteries for my cottage.  Can anyone point me to a source from which I could source the necessary components, none of which are available on island.



There are a great number of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine instructables on the site of all shapes and sizes. But i doubt any of them could produce 1 or 2 kw of power. But then all you really have to do is scale things up and get/make a generator that will produce that much power. So check out all the instructables to get some ideas of what kinds of materials you will need.

I found this video of a DIY 1kW VAWT.

There are a LOT of instructables on turbines, even a few on VAWTs...even some horizontal turbines that could easily be adapted to vertical.

A common axle is a drum brake from a car -- it can support the axial and horizontal forces required...You can mount the stator around the brake rotor and bam, you're set.

As for where to source stuff, all internet from there, if there is nothing on the island.