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How to use Table saw Answered

It's easy to buy a table saw for our personal use. but its not easy to use this tool. so, there are some instructions and proper guideline to use this tool so that users will be safe and cutting also sharp and smooth.


Phil B

12 months ago

Check YouTube for videos on using a tsble saw. Here are a couple of things. Make certain the saw is properly aligned so work does not bind against the spinning blade. Stand to one side or the other of the cut line, not in line with it. Keep the blade elevation as low as possible so the blade rises only a couple of millimeters above the work. (A shallow flesh wound heals much better than a severed bone.) do not force the work, but let the saw do the work. Keep fingers and hands at least six inches from the blade at all times. Do not be off balance, but stand with a balanced solid stance. Know where the off switch is instinctively. Do not use unusual unstable setups that could go wrong and pull you into the blade.

I learned by reading old Popular Mechanics and Popular Science articles. That was more than 40 years ago and I still have all of my fingers.


1 year ago

The main thing is to keep your fingers away from moving parts!
There is a reason for the guards, safeties and pushing sticks - people invented them after accidents ;)