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How would you make a styrofoam earring tree? What is the best glue and should I cover the styrofoam first? Thanks Answered



7 years ago

I'm not sure what kind of earring tree you are making, but Weldbond glue works well on styrofoam. I found it at a craft store.

If you really wanted to make one. The way they are manufactured is a metal mold that is filled with styrafoam pellets. The whole thing is heated and the pellets expand, but held back by the mold the expansion pressure forces the pellets to mush and interlock together, its removed from the mold and tadah!<br /><br />or just ge some styrafoam board from Homedepot glue it together with construction caulking (Lepage PL) to make a cube and then knife out your shape finish sand paper or rasp.....The surface won't look as "tight" as the surface of a manufactured one, becasue its hard to cut or sand you more or les remove pellets, rather than cut through them so the surface can look bumpy....<br /><br />If you do want to make mold let me know <a href="http://www.industrialshapeandform.com">www.industrialshapeandform.com</a><br />

I don't really understand by styrofoam earring tree but I think a good way to combine them would be skewering the pieces together and maybe also adding glue to said skewer.

Hi. Yeah sounds like a good idea, but what thickness of styrofoam are you using? And what do you mean by the glue? Like, what are you gonna use it for? Should you happen to post another question it would be a good idea to give more information on what you meen.