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Hydrogen car to be Open Source Answered

The manufacturer of a hydrogen car unveiled in London on Tuesday will make its designs available online so the cars can be built and improved locally.

The Riversimple car can go 80km/hr (50mph) and travels 322km (200mi) per re-fuelling, with an efficiency equivalent to 300 miles to the gallon.


The company will distribute the engineering designs to the 40 Fires foundation, a not-for-profit organisation that will make the designs "open source".

The idea, they say, is to allow local manufacturing in small plants. This stands in contrast to the "economies of scale" that drive current plants to huge sizes and workforces.

In addition, designs can be adjusted for local markets, using locally sourced parts or materials.

The agreement will be such that if the designs are improved by a local manufacturer, those improvements will be sent back, so that what the company refers to as its "network of manufacturers" can contribute to the overall development of the product line.


Per gallon at what temp/pressure, STP, liquid Hydrogen?? Looks like an awesome concept!

"efficiency equivalent to 300 miles per gallon". In order to compare with current vehicles, they have converted the rate and energy output of hydrogen consumption into an equivalent amount of gasoline usage. You could make use of existing and well known tools to learn more.

I don't know the technical details.

Short supply of hydrogen filling stations though, and no one has yet developed "green" hydrogen... L

That's just the chicken and egg problem. The same argument could have been made a century ago about gasoline/petrol stations. The solution is the same -- an economic positive feedback loop. The early adopters of hydrogen (or whatever) technology will have to deal with refueling on their own (an electrolysis facility at home or work, for example). Once the number of vehicles in a given area crosses some threshold, it becomes economically viable for commercial operators to set up shop.

Or maybe these things will run on industrial hydrogen and be used as "greenwash"? L

*sigh* Hydrogen....