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I HATE group work. Answered


It is really the one thing I dread about school. More than anything. It makes me want to pull my hair out. It is a requirement in Kentucky schools that you have a group assignment in each class and it makes my life a living hell.

I always end up doing all the work and I really don't like other people getting the same grade as me for doing nothing!

For example - I am in a group with five other people right now, 3 of which are athletes. They can never do anything. They constantly say they're busy. They decided that we should do our outside work tomorrow, right before I have to go into work. And as if that's not stressful enough, none of them actually mentioned doing the work we need to do before we go out and do assessments.

The pre-assessment work is very involved - we have to do six physical activity assessments on elementary school kids, with 3 criteria that should be met for each assessment, as well as making up data collection sheets for each assessment. We also need to get our assessments OK'd by the teacher before we go.

So now I'm sitting here stressing out wishing that I could just do this project myself and ease the pain. I emailed the teacher and let him know what was going on, and none of my group mates have emailed me back yet.

I think I'm going to go make grumpy faces in the other room and get off the computer. :P


I use to hate those in HS, and I started hating them to in the workplace. Personally I have anxiety and learned that it was apart of that--up close and personal sessions like groups together. But over the years I learned to just relax. Try to not stress over it, its life and completely normal to feel overwelmed.

im assuming you are in high school? and the "athletes" saying they are busy is almost certainly true. i play lacrosse and i don't get home until 7 PM everyday, and almost every Saturday i have an away game that consumes every waking hour of that day. but i do agree with you, i hate having to explain things to other people. I just gave up and i do all the work because id rather have me and the rest of my group get a good grade then have them pull my grade down and us all get a mediocre grade. that must suck having group work a requirement... try and assign different tasks to the other people. like assign one person th writer and tell them what to write, assign one person the observer, one person the material collector. just brainless jobs that a monkey could do so it looks like they are doing work. i didn't even have to use spell check on this post...

I realize they're busy, but not all day long every day. And maybe the teachers should take that into consideration, you know? I don't want to be inconvenienced because they have to practice 15 times a day doing something I don't care about. Not to mention the U of L athletes are ALWAYS traveling. It makes it so hard for them to be involved with anything and I hate doing all the work for them, which is what always happens. And I can't really assign them anything if they aren't checking their email at all. It's been hours since I emailed them and no response.

If they were concerned about this assignment, they would be paying attention! >:(

LOL I may check my email once a day, so expecting a prompt response is somewhat unreasonable.

the last time i checked my email was 2 months ago and it said i had over 200 emails! lol

Nobody expects that Spanish Inquisition !

yea, i respect that(lol we are always traveling hahaha)

but, your probly just gonna end up doing all the work anyway.

maybe you could tell the teacher that they arent able to do it with sports and studying. i dont know cus im the "athlete" in this situation, your the student. sorry

Hey, I feel your pain. Every time I've been in a group I've always been stuck with the lazies who don't do anything. >.< I'm an introvert too so that really makes it annoying to do group work. I'd rather do work alone because I get the mist done that way. I just do my best though and get through it the best I can. :)

I really hate it, I like to work alone since I can decide on what to do. Once I was in a group and assigned as a leader, I assigned them all the task, since I am the leader, and from that day no one wanted to be in a group with me. A win for my own.. =)

I hate it too, but group projects can be an opportunity to show off to the professor. For example, last year in my engineering class, we had to create a fake company and design a car/airplane hybrid. The other three members that I was assigned to were very apathetic about the whole thing.

Nobody wanted to be the "President" of the company so I volunteered, and I am NOT the leader type. Then we had to think of a company name. Again, nobody even made an effort. So I wrote down "J.P. Industries."

When the professor was announcing the new companies to the class, he got to ours and said, "You got them to name the company after you?" To which I replied, "Like a boss."

We had a week to work on the project(no time in class) and I managed to meet with each member(commuters) to discuss the design. We never actually got the whole group together at one time. I ended up doing the majority of the work, which was the powerpoint and computer models. But I made sure to include a watermark on most of the emements that I created. This way, I would receive credit for more a large portion of the content presented.

In the end, our company was far more prepared than the other companies, who had hand sketches at best.

I got an A by the way.

You know what's worse than group work? Committees. All the crappiness of group assignments, and you're get to make up your own assignments! Gahhh....

This from someone almost, but not quite, double your age. No, it doesn't get any better than this...

I'm right there with you. I absolutely hate group work
1. bc there's always a freeloader
2. getting everyone's schedules to coordinate is nearly impossible
3. and in the end, you do all of the work b/c you want to make sure it actually get done...and gets done right!

If its any help, a girl in my group last semester suggested using this program called www.grouptable.com to collaborate on our project--and not lie, it really did help. The teacher was able to sign in as a guest and evaluate contributions by each member, upload documents, set up a group calendar to figure out schedules and deadlines AND the best part was the live group chat. I never had to sacrifice a sunday funday b/c I had to drive to campus to meet for a group project.

Group projects still bite a big one, but this did help.

If it makes you feel better, I have found that taking advantage of a position of superior intelligence can be alot of fun, I may have had to make my mates website for I.T. over night but he gave me pretty good reward, also you can control the group and ignore them completely.

Basically when they bicker or ask for something you raise your voice to them, a swift backhand is an appropriate follow up... Damn minions...

Don't worry I don't really do that... I usually just poison them slowly until I get a decent set of people...

Not really, they could be worse if they knew I was slowly murdering them, for the first bit of group work I had to do it with them, my first poison didn't kill them but it did effectively sterilize them...

Group work sucks! I hate other people telling me how to do stuff. People suck. (which is ironic considering that ibles is awesome and we are a huge group)

'Ibles is awesome cause were a huge group of awesome people. Everybody else sucks. Haha.


Please excuse me if I seem to be in a rotten mood today. I happen to be an idiot magnet, and we were assigned a group project in Honors English. Of course, I get two moronic football jocks that only giggle and sniff markers the whole period (I'm serious, how the expletive did they get into honors?). I will also have to sit next to them for the entire year. I also got a really bad haircut, the lady didn't know what "just a trim" meant. Hummph.

I usually doing all the work by choice, not because my group mates make me. I find it is a lot faster if I do the work rather than having to explain everything to the dummies that I am working with.

I've done that before. It's pretty miserable, but at least I know I'm going to get a decent grade.

To get a decent grade and also to not waste time by explaining everything. I know that means that they are not learning the material, but oh well. I am also not learning team building skills but if I have a group with an average IQ of above 0, I usually divide up the work.

Yopu don't work at school to have god grades, but to learn things. What you learn when you do group work, is team working. If you do it alone, and have good grade, you just cheat !

Base of management is to explain to every team mate what is his part of the work, and how it is important that he does its part well so other people can also do a good work. As an example, you may :

-Make the plan (choose the subject, divide into parts)
-Gather with everybody asking "ok, who know how to do which part, who is willing to learn which part ?"
-Make the conclusion of you work all together, so every single team member knows what conclusion his part of the work will help leading to
-Make a planning of who has his part of the job due for when, you can use gantt chart to show every body who will be in a big sh.. trouble if the work is done to late (eg : the one who must do the power point presentation can't work if the one who should have done the photos has not send them yet)
-As a manager, you make regular meeting with one or two people working on the same part of the project, so you can be sure thay are doing there work, try to find solution if they are stuck, or remove some people from one task (which is going very well) and affect him/her to the task which is going wrong and might get averyone late in the end.

If be your competence and behaviour, other people in the team accept your as a manager / leader, you will help them learn, and do a better work. And you'll keep the more challenging part of the assignment for you :D

In france (I don't know how it is in your place), when you have a team work to do, you have 15 points which is depending on the overall team result, and 5 point which are depend on each individual work : what part did he take in the work, and how well he could do during the presentation to the classroom / teachers. If it goes that way where you live, you can also make clear who worked on which part (eg : each team member will present the part he worked on), so people will know their grade will depend on their commitment, that will motivate them.

A general thing is life is that you gain nothing from hating things / people. Just ignore them, or take them as interesting challenge ;)

Another (stupid but effective) thing to maintain good team cohesion, is making happy when they work, you could try things like : -Saturday every body come at my place to work on the project from 2pm to 6pm, I'll make a delicious chocolat cake, and after 6pm done or not, we stop working and go to the swiming pool -Find an interesting way to do your project, since you are free (you are to make a dinosaurus skeletton ? Tell your team that you will hade a flaw thrower in the mouth of the T-Rex if you have finished the skeletton soon enough -Make sure people learn things. Some day I spoke to a girl who was studing litterarue and hates math and all. After I spoke with her about leds and optic fiber and loudspeaker building, and after an hour, she said she whish she would be able to undestand all of that :D If you can interest people, teach them the way that suit them, you will learn very interesting things, that will be usefull to you later.

I've done many of the things you mentioned, and sometimes it works wonderfully. I do a great job being the team leader when people are responsive - but most times they just do not care. I can't tell you how many times I've spent an hour in class talking to the people I'm working with, thinking we're all set, and everyone knows what they need to do and they're okay with it - and yet later, a day before the presentation or due date, there are those in the group that failed to do any work and everyone else has to scramble and try to make up for it because it will seriously damage our grade. We do have the ability to grade our teammates, but it's not a very big chunk of the grade. It doesn't hurt them much and they don't care enough anyway. :P

>team leader when people are responsive - but most times they just do not care The more difficult, and imoprtant, part as a manager is just this : find what make each people work. It may be grades, it may be fear of being fired, but sometimes it's less evident (hope to get a promotion, just enjoy working because it's fun, wanting the pretty team leader to be happy, ). Also, making a meeting at the begining of the project, and then met again one days before the presentation is not enough : you must do reporting regularly to : -Help people knowing where they are with their work (some people, as me :p, just can't organize themselve as well as girls) -Help them solving the problem (be it a technical problem, lake of motivation -Be able to anticipate problems, and change responsabilities in the team in time, not the day before presentation. If you are working in a team of 4 people, maybe when your managing skills are not strong enough once every few project you can have one person that you jsut can put to work. Ok, this is sad, take it as a personnal failure BUT remember that it is not very important, you still have 2 people working "for you", you'll do better next time. I'm sure in the end you'll love managing people : you have good grades, you work seriously, you make great instructables... So just see yourself as the natural leader of you work group, and you'll do a good job as a manager too. Ps : did you try offering the athlets to make a plushie mascott of their team for them if they do a good work ? Some people just must be treated as children :D. Haha, I would write my instructable on time if I could win a plushie instructable robot :D

Ugh, you're not the only one who always gets the workload dumped on them. I feel the same way. I'm in advanced classes for most of my subjects, but the academic classes always put me with the dumb jocks who don't work. You just gotta use it to get on the better side of your teacher or classmates...

I feel your pain. Its not that all of the students in my class are lazy. Its that I get the lazy ones!

Does it matter?
Be happy-- you just won in a contest!

Another T-Shirt for jessyratfink, nothing for Gorillazmiko... once again.

I know how you feel.

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Wow do I feel the same as you. I don't trust my grades in the hands of those who either do nothing or do something badly.

My greatest teacher ever had us do a lot of group work, it just wasn't for a grade. He'd test us afterwards to see if we learned the content. We got to do awesome projects like radio plays, animation, and things like that.

Hmm... (Wondering whether or not someone has posted an instructables on how to use Blender.) (Cursing the fact I haven't thought of this before Tool Tips month ended)

As somebody that sets group work, I always ask the kids to add their name at the bottom of a page they write. No page is allowed to have two names on it, and no sections may be repeated.

If one member of the group has significantly more (or less) pages with their name on than the rest of the group, I adjust their marks accordingly.

I don't often ask them to do presentations, but when I do, I expect the work to be shared equally, which may mean one person not speaking, but preparing the slides instead.

Instructablers ASSEMBLE! U of L is you destination and group work is your mission!

i hate group work because sometimes people will be work hoggs, then say "you didnt do any work!!!" yet they really didnt let me....and other times, you rely on someone to do a poster or something, then they forget and you both get screwed

That's true. I have had those things happen a few times... hence why I am always the "work hogg". :P I just don't trust anyone else with my grade. I feel bad about it but I can't help it!

The practical solution is to let them fail. If you are worried about your grade going down, do your work separately and turn that in (early!) on your own to show that you did take it seriously, but that the others didn't. In the long run (several years down the road) it won't matter, it will be a blip on your record that won't show if the rest of your grades are higher.