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I am 15 and i want to get into MIT.I live in Bangladesh(Asia). Answered

Um hey i am really sorry to bother you people but i am really desperate :P

  I am 15 years old and i live in Bangladesh (Asia).

Currently i am doing my GCE O'Levels from British council Edexcel.

I gave three exams in this january: Chemistry,Biology and human biology.

In this may i will give Maths B,Pure maths,English and a language which is bengali (my native language) and physics in january 2010 with some of GCE A'Level subjects.

I want to be a pharmacist from MIT.

I love biology and chemistry but not so fond of physics so, do i need to keep physics in my A'Level? (A'Level is the college form and O'Level is the high school form or GCSE,sorry can't explain properly :( )

From next month i am planning to start my A'Levels: BIology and chemistry AS.

I am planning to keep biology,chemistry and maths in my A'Levels.

Will you please give me some advice on what i should take and if i really need to keep physics and some preparation for MIT like if i need to do anything else
(i know about the SAT and few more things but not sure)

Please help.
Thank you very much i really appreciate your help.




Best Answer 8 years ago

Sorry, typo in my previous note:

MIT has no pharmacy program. The list of departments can be found at http://mit.edu/education/

If you're still interested, undergraduate admissions information can be found at http://www.mitadmissions.org/. You should particularly take a look at http://www.mitadmissions.org/topics/apply/international_applicants_helpful_tips/index.shtml


8 years ago

Why don't you communicate directly with MIT?  I'm sure they would be happy to council you on what you need to take to gain admission there.


Answer 8 years ago

um tha a lot dats a nice idea i am goin to do that now