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I am trying to find out if I can modify an older USB iSub subwoofer to a 3.5mm mini-jack connector? Answered

I've done a lot of research about the older USB iSub (which I have) not working with Snow Leopard and Intel Macs (which I also have). I tried the iMic work-around, but it did not work for me. Any tips? Maybe I'm missing a step...So anyway, the newer iSub as paired with the HK Soundsticks works fine w/Intel Macs since it uses the industry standard 3.5mm mini-jack.
I was wondering if anyone has considered converting the guts of the older USB iSub to use the 3.5mm mini-jack instead?I have a crappy speaker/subwoofer combo that uses the 3.5mm mini-jack where the subwoofer volume is controlled at one of the speakers. It looks pretty easy to pull the guts from the crappy subwoofer and see if it will drive the iSub. A bit of a kludge I admit, but it's possible w/o permanent damage to the iSub.
Can anyone tell me or post a pic of how all the wires connect between computer/iSub/satellite speakers on the newer HK Soundsticks?


thanks! very interesting. my iSub project is still in a box, maybe this will inspire me to start it up again

I was recently looking to do the same conversion on my old iSub. I ran into this article:


Nice analysis of what is on the control board inside the speaker.


7 years ago

ok so this isnt an answer more of a question ... just wondering if you solved this problem and if you did how cuz im looking to do the same thing to my isub i picked up for 5 bucks at a goodwill store


7 years ago

Start by opening up the iSub, to see what chips are inside. It probably has a separate amplifier IC, to which you can attach a signal from a 3.5" jack. It's a bit more complicated than that in reality, but it could certainly work.