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I can't enter in the Arduino contest! Answered

I want to enter in the Arduino contest with this my instructable: https://www.instructables.com/id/Arduino-Led-Dice/ , but it say:
"Arduino Contest is moderated. Arduino Led Dice has been entered in Arduino Contest pending moderator approval"
from two hour ago...but the contest ends soon!

I've also add a screen of the problem.
How to solve it?



Ok sorry ... I just was a bit impatient!
Now my instructables is in the Arduino contest, thanks to all!

So long as you entered the contest before it ends, you'll be fine. They'll moderate your request, check it was before the deadline then approve it. Easy! :D

Nice ible by the way.

No problem - they use the moment you pressed the publish button as the moment you entered the contest, no matter how long it takes to moderate.

Watch the inbox of the email address you used to register with the site to see news of your entry's status.

The message simply means that you'll have to wait for a moderator (a judge of sorts) to evaluate your design prior to inclusion.