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I have a long cardboard tube and want to make a gun-like thing. is there a halo gun or something i can make? Answered

i just want a gun to make or something cool. thx


My brother was is the master of cardboard guns, when he was younger, he would make some fantastic guns out of tubes, he has now moved onto using more intricate creations, He is gmjhowe on instructables he is worth a look if you haven't seen him already,
But I suggest looking at pictures on google for inspiration then let your imagination flow, most guns in games like halo and that are some what made up as long as you get the handle and trigger set up then the rest can be to your making,

You want to make a model right?

The find a suitable picture (Google images are good)

Using that image start to build you weapon of choice using cardboard and other house hold objects as suitable.

In the end spray paint the entire thing a weapon like colour.