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I have always wanted to be a wolf or a vampire. How would I go about doing so? I wanna be changed into an immortal Help? Answered

Since I was a little kid, I used to growl at people I didn't like and I howl when i'm lonely I also bark at people when I think there is something wrong. I need to be a wolf (or vampire). It would make my life so much easier. I love being pet. Help? I know this sounds crazy but I am being serious.


I really Really want to be okay with furries. You are a human. Act like it.

Good grief, why are we attracting so many deluded people?

Newsflash: the Twilight series is a work of purest fiction. It is not a documentary. In the real world, vampires, werewolves and magic are all fictional, not even qualifying as superstition.

If you feel a genuine need to be somebody else, get professional help, rather than seeking those who will pander to your delusions.

That's kind of blown away all my dreams, Thank heavens that father Christmas is real!.

Halloween the instructables official season is past
While Charlie Brown has never seen it
The Great Pumpkin is our de-facto deity who can bestow the
gift of pumpkin pie aroma on the worthy..

*sigh* This is not possible but if you still insist on discussing it the forums are the place to go, please. Pick the appropriate channel and chat away.

I seen a movie on Saturday where the protagonist had given birth to a half vampire/human baby. because they were impregnated by a vampire while being human. Long story short this ended up being a problem for her and her kind and they spent the next two hours working out an appropriate solution that the wolf people, vampire and Dakota fanning could agree on.


5 years ago

There seams to be quite a number of people asking this kind of question.
Somebody should make a kit for it.


I think we had a couple of semi-serious posts about vampirism, then google started funnelling in the more delusional sector of the Twilight fan club.

(Yup - we're on the front page for a google of "how to become a vampire".)

Maybe this is a Defining Moment for Instructables.

Or some people need to start taking their medication!

I'm sorry, but you think that becoming a wolf or a vampire would make your life "so much easier"? First of all, I doubt that a wolf (a real animal) has a very "easy" life... Second, even if there were some magical method to become a fictional character, do you really think that it would make your life easier? I mean seriously (like you said) think about it... Being locked up, poked, prodded and studied for eternity sounds easier to you than the life you have??? (Don't think for one second that you could simply go to school and exist among mere mortals like "vampires" can in Hollywood! No, you'd be a secret test subject locked away somewhere)...

Life isn't easy for most people, and I think we are given struggles to help us appreciate life when things are good. I'm going to make the assumption that you are rather young, and if so, just realize that whatever difficulties you have now, they are not going to be that way forever. You will evolve into a much stronger (and likely better) person for all that you endure.

You don't have a choice. We choose who we take.

I thought they had to submit a resume along with references and background checks.

It's easiest in your sleep.

I have ot into that weird place again


5 years ago

So ... you are howling now ;→)

I think most mammals like being scratched behind the ears.  I know I sure do. ;-)

is a tricky proposition.  Although there are people who are working on it,

When I want to feel more animal like, I just stop shaving off my facial hair, and that makes me a little bit more wolf-like, at least  in appearance.

I'm not sure if that trick will work for you though.  Facial hair,
is one of those things that depends on gender, age,  race, and um, basically just how hairy you are. 

See also:

Oh! I forgot to mention:  If you are interested in being a vampire, you should look into something called "fractional reserve banking"

It is a dark art for sure, but if you can get into that game, then you'll gain the ability to work at strange hours, drain the life-blood of others for your sustenance, and that sort of thing. 

I'm not sure if bankers actually live forever, but they probably think that they do.