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I have become the proud (?) owner (co-owner) of a.... Answered

My wife bought the thing (DS Lite) on Ebay at about a $40 discount......well, so far it works....she got it to do the Brain Age games.

Opinions, comments, over-ripe tomatoes, welcome :-)


It's been nearly 4 months - do you still use it, and have you noticed any improvements?

I do use it when I can find it. My wife has a penchant for ~~burying~~ ~~hiding~~ misplacing things :-)

I didn't say MOLDY tomatoes now ;-)

Besides, I had nothing to do with buying this thing

Hey the Brain academy game actually helps keep brain activity up and help sharpen the sense from what I heard people say about it.


9 years ago

*Throws overripe tomato* Jk,jk!

Yum, I LOVE tomatoes.....thank you ;-)

Another game my mom has a lot of fun with is the "Guitar Hero: On Tour" game. Well, that and Tetris, but she's olde skool.

Well, I prefer Chess as you know, and Sudoku when I don't have time for chess. :-)

Well, I rarely have that much time all at one time sadly. Which is why I have even stopped playing the computer (even though I can save the game).....but I do love the game :-)

Hmm, there are sites that will help you play chess by email...

I am not that good that I can move and keep the game in mind....I lose concentration pretty quickly that way. But thanks for the suggestion :-)

common, if you REALLY wanna game, get the PSP. I hear there is a PSP 3000

I didn't buy it, and the only reason my wife did, was because she thought she might be able to start exercising her brain more.....but I showed her a site online, that has MANY more brain exercises then she got by buy this machine and 2 chips, and online, they were free.....go figure, she still bought the machine....*sigh*

Oh ok, well like I said, my wife found someone on ebay selling a bunch of them, never removed from the boxes, at about a $40-$60 discount (depending on which store you go to).

I don't particularly like mine I only liked the zelda and kirby game for it mainly becuase I'm die hard fans of both, But they were very good Other than that, Nintendo has just come off as kiddish Also I don't find pictochat fun because no kid who grew up on modern technology will find it as amusing as the adult that was raised with giant vacuum tube computers.

Ok, well I don't know anything about pictochat (is that the chat thingie? I normally use Skype on my PC). but....no kid who grew up on modern technology
will find it as amusing as the adult that was raised with giant vacuum tube computers.
Hmm, just whom are you referring to? :-) I have seen computers that were programmed with wire n plug lines in an analog board ;-)

cough*kiteman* he's old.... Jk
Yeah pictochat is the IM thing
I was just saying people like my mom might think that it is neeto keen but I would just think it's lame

I see ( you do know I am nearly 50, yes? LOL) anyways, I never turned on web connections to my phone either, for the reason that old eyes need things BIGGER, not smaller ;-)

well my moms pastless than 50 if anyone asks
and the only people who use the web on their phone are people who own blackberries
I remeber that my grandparents could never see my pokemon that I showed them all the time on my state of the art Gamboy advanced
I remeber when those came out
there was like a hype or something about the Pikachus gameboy or something and they just turned it into the advanced or something like that

Well, I do enjoy the Sudoku game on the DS....but I already have a 10 level Sudoku electronic game....I don't really need it for that :-) BTW: one of my favorite games is CHESS ;-)

Well on the topic I find that the free versions of the ipod touches + iphone's app for games like sudoku are very fun and unique. Did the game only come with sudoku or other games like checkers and chess, because just sudoku seems like a rip off

He is trying to hide his "green" (jealousy :-)


We got my mum one for her birthday, she is on it all the time - dont expect to ever talk to your wife again.

So far, she is kind of limited (only has 2 Brain Age chips).

haha, i had forgotten that this topic was about ds's. I was really worried, i thort you had like built some kind of female robot with 2 brain age chips!

Well, from what I see so far, she'd need more then the two *sigh*

Ebay, is a good place to look. At least chirstmas/birthdays will be easy to get presents for!

Yay! The Brain Age games are a lot of fun. I'm really only playing Final Fantasy 12, though.

Well, the first chip she has only has some math on it plus a maddening written / illustrated color game what you must SPEAK the color of the word written, not the word itself....and although I got 100% of them right, the machine only credited me with 80% since it didn't hear me correctly a few times....grrrr. It likes to mistake 7's for ones, sometimes even 8's for ones.....*shakes head* We shall see....She received a second chip through the mail today just before I left for work.

A UK magazine recommended putting on a fake American accent when talking to the machine. I guess it depends which part of America you pretend you're from.

The 7/1 thing is, of course, because of the way different nations write their numbers. A French 1 looks like a UK 7, a French 7 looks like a back-to-front F, and continental Europeans use a comma instead of a point for the decimal sign. In the UK, the comma is used do separate multiples of 1000, thus: 1,200,500.65 (one million, two hundred thousand, five hundred point six five)

Well, as long as they don't come out with a "learning mode" that doesn't surpass some of the early "talk n type" Windows programs.....I tried to teach my machine once, years ago, and it took nearly an hour, and I still wasn't finished....then it got wiped clean somehow (I saved it and attempted to go back later and finish), and I gave up.

It does have its problems, that's for sure. If you begin to play it more, however, you'll start to work around the quirks. I write my numbers differently just so it doesn't yell at me, and I really never do the spoken test anymore since my brain age is below my real age, and I don't want it to go back up! :P I'm sure you'll get used to it, though!


9 years ago

They seem fun to play with in corridors while waiting for class.

You have time between classes ? I remember only ever having a few minutes after lunch period, IF I wolfed things down.....but in between classes was a mad rush....times have changed I guess :-) or maybe it is a different environment?


9 years ago

I like Nintendo. They're CLEVER, and they're pretty nice to the consumer.
I mean, as I understand it, the orginal gameboy was little more than an NES
packaged in a handheld. Progressive versions added features that were important from a customer perspective - color, backlight, rechargable battery.
The DS seems a little on the fragile side; I think I prefer the SP.

OTOH, don't buy the web browser. The tiny low-res screens are just NOT up to typical web content...

It also doesn't support Flash or Java.