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I have forgotten my password in windows vista. How can I retrieve it please ..??? Answered





Best Answer 8 years ago

Reinstall windows.

no, use ophcrack, its much easier..you need to burn cd with some sort of cd ISO burning program...google is your friend 

I was passive aggressively suggesting that generally people who don't know the password have not as they say "forgotten the password" as opposed to "not knowing the password in the first place".  Yes, I'm cynical.

Take it easy.Now I collect three solutions to help you solve this problem.What you have to do is prepare a blank USB/CD drive. Solution 1: Use a Vista password reset disk.
You could easily create a Windows Vista password reset disk through Vista's control panel with a USB flash drive.
a. Start -> Control Panel -> User Accounts and Family Safely -> User Accounts.
b. Create a password reset disk on the left pane.
c. Click “Next”, follow the forgotten password Wizard to create a Vista password reset disk.
On the logon interface with incorrect password, click the reset password link and there will be wizard. Now you can recover Windows Vista password with the created password reset disk on your PC within seconds.

Solution 2: Use free Vista password recovery tool

There are two popular tools: Ophcrack and Offline NT Password & Registry Editor. The former which is based on rainbow tables will spend you much precious time to download but just can reset passwords less than 14 characters. The latter supports Windows NT/2000/XP, but not AD password recovery.

Solution 3. Professional Vista Password Recovery Software

Windows Password Rescuer Professional, With this software, you can easily login your PC by burning a bootable CD/DVD or USB flash drive.
Why would the tools be so popular for PC users? That’s because the tools do not require special PC technique or skills. Users can quickly get out problem within 10 minutes