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I need a material semi transparent like gelo ,but time resistant.How can create it? Answered

I need a material semi transparent like gel ,but time resistant. How can create it? I need this material for a ship model and the gel painted blue mast representing the sea


Hair gel maybe?

Resin might work. Pretty expensive though. -PKT

thanks! I have to try it! By the way who cares about money!!

Regular food coloring added to dry salt or to plain white glue seem like the cheapest solutions.

Less permanent and cheap, but more like gelatin: polyacrylate gel absorbs massive amounts of water. It should retain the water fairly well if not placed in direct sunlight and the air is not too dry. Be careful to check the shipped price per ounce. The best deal I see on Ebay is buying a pound for $1.31/oz (including shipping). (That's a whole lot of fake water.)

By the way, why blue? The ocean I have seen here on the Atlantic coast is usually brown with a vaguely bluish-green tint.

Epoxy or resin. You can look for the fake water that's used for vases in places like walmart or michaels craft stores.