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I need a really good How-To speech idea.... any ideas?? Answered

I dont care what kind of "how to" it is...
i just need ideas please


Explain a little bit more please? Do you need to write a speech, improve your speech, read a speech?

i need a speech topic... so i can write a speech.. and possibly demonstrate it...

"How to get answers from strangers on the internet"

Genius! She's already an expert! Use Instructables, and... and... does anywhere else do this?

Yahoo Answers... Sort of...

It's a viable subject - communicating with "I don't know who or where" in plain text, to build a presentation could be worthy, if properly constructed. L

As a freshman, I did a speech on How To Wash Your Hands.

Phil B

9 years ago

How many minutes is the speech to be? If it is only 5 minutes, you can make one or two points and you will have to explain something relatively simple. You could explain how to backup important files to a CD and include a searchable index on the CD. You could explain how to change your car's engine oil. You could explain how to balance a checkbook. You could explain the proper way to pour a bottle of beer into a glass.

I just read your profile. You could explain how you flirt with a boy and what works best for talking to a boy you do not know.

My speech was on how do the first step in DNA fingerprinting, gel electrophoresis.

  • Get some DNA
  • Slice it up into various sized-pieces with enzymes
  • Drop the pieces on one end of some electrified jello
  • Wait for piles of small pieces to migrate to the other end, while piles of bigger pieces move more slowly
  • Stain the DNA and take a picture of the pattern

Keeping a description like this fairly accurate while remaining brief and non-technical is actually rather fun. If you need an example of this, try Mama Ji's Molecular Kitchen