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I need help to build a gas powered mountain board! Answered

So, I want to find instructions on how to build a gas powered mountain board for my boyfriend as a surprise for...absolutely no reason. He saw an electric mountain board in the popular science magazine and now he wants one. Here's the link to the article: http://www.popsci.com/diy/article/2008-02/motorized-skateboard-speed-happy-gearheads
I can't find any information on how to build a board like this (or maybe I'm looking in the wrong place). So if anyone can come up with a tutorial of sorts, I'd really appreciate it. And if it wouldn't be too much trouble, please include where we can buy any of the parts. Thanks!



7 years ago

might want to go electric first which is what im doing. its alot easer to make, run, and maintan.

I have been wanting to do this to fine for awhile, I haven't yet, but I have found some info that might help you.  First you will need a board, if he is a lighter dude, less then 180lbs. you could go with this board, and its pretty cheap and has brakes already on it, its the kind I have:


If that doesn't work, check out that site, that's your best chance for finding a board.  As for the motor, I have a gas scooter with this motor:


I was planning on using this for mine if I ever get around to it for a variety of reasons.  It has a gear box on it, so although the board will go slower, it will have more power for hills and such.  It has good acceleration and hill climbing ability, and will still do about 22km/h.  Also, it has the sprocket attached to it so no fiddling with a weedeater motor trying to fit something to it.  All you would need is a chain, I think the gear on that motor takes a #25 chain.  Bring it with you to a store, they will know if you don't.  Then ask them for a sprocket for the wheel that uses the same size chain.  Bring one of the brake rotors with you so you can get one of the same size, that way it can be used with the brake system still. 

After that, all you have to do is mount the motor to the board.  The motor will probably have some holes in the bottom of it for screws.  Get some bolts that will fit that, mark the locations of them on the board, and make sure the sprocket on the motor and wheel are lined up when doing this.  Try and mount the motor as far back as possible.  You can always take the chain in and get them to fit it to the right size, but definitely make sure that the two sprockets are lined up.  Once that is done, mount the gas tank next to the engine.  Hook up gas lines. 

The only thing left to do is add the throttle.  Take a bike cable and connect it to the throttle on the carb.  There is a black outer casing to the bike cable.  The end gets mounted near where the actual steel cable connects to the carb throttle.  this is what will make the throttle work, otherwise the cable just bends and nothing will happen.  The other end runs up to the brake grip and the outer casing (other end) gets attached there.  The steel cable attaches to a bike brake lever and is attached to the grip.  Its done!

All he has to do is mix some gas (2-stroke engines need a special oil and gas mix.  The oil is purchased from any hardware store. Regular Gas)  you will have to check the exact mix ratio for your engine, it will probably be 25 parts gas to 1 part oil.  So 200ml of 2-stroke oil to 5000ml or 5L of gas.  He straps in, pull starts the engine, and uses the brake and throttle grip he carries in his hand to accelerate and brake. 

Hope this helps.  If you want, I can take pictures of my scooter engine and what not to show how everything is hooked up.  If I find my mountain board I can also take pics of it and approx. placement of parts.  There is also this Instructable:


For an electric board, but I would suggest a gas motor.  However, this instructable may have useful tips and hints that may help you in your build.

Also, if you aren't mechanically inclined, but your Boyfriend is, you could get everything together and give it to him to do.  If he is a DIY'er, he will enjoy the build, and you can help too.