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I port forwarded but tcp is still closed? Answered

I am trying to port forward for a minecraft server with an apple airport router, I used airport utility's port mapping page, put  25565 in both the tcp and udp boxes, my static internal ip in the ip box, double checked it was spelled right, then clicked ok and update. After I used simple port checker and it said the tcp was still closed, and the server did not work. If possible I would not like to use hamachi. Does anyone know what might be wrong? Before you ask I am completely positive I spelled everything right



6 years ago

I´ve had this problem once, and then realized I have forwarded the port on the router, but not OPENED it. Try checking, if the router does not have a separate settings page for opening ports.

It just has "port mapping" page

since it's port forwarding, is the external ip the same as the internal ip?

as in
wan port 25565 >>> internal ip port 25565?

Is it possible to attempt setting your computer in the DMZ of the router to see if that works?

Would help identify if you have a software firewall problem.

Airport utility only has one ip box for your computer's internal ip, and also I have avast free antivirus but I can't check if it's the problem because I'm on vacation now, I'll try turning it off when I get home in a few days