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I received this private message. Is it spam? Answered

I received this message into my inbox. Is it spam?
Claim your Halloween postcard by Sept. 16th!
Congratulations demon6666,

Instructables.com wants to send you a Halloween Postcard. Every year we celebrate Halloween by sending postcards to our authors. It's like trick-or-treating without actually leaving your home!

Please fill out your name and address by following this link:
<Google Docs link was here. Removed it>

Important: Fill in your address the exact way in should appear on the shipping label! If your address is formatted incorrectly you will not receive a postcard.

The deadline to submit your address is Wednesday, September 16th! Please note, we need your information by this time. Postcards will not be eligible for claim after September 16th. Thanks for being part of our community!

Instructables Team @ Autodesk


Nope, that's definitely real!

I filled out the form so I could get the yearly Halloween postcard. It's an instructables tradition! :)

was it the first year you received it?

Oh, several years ago!

In the past, staffers posted a forum topic where if you responded with a comment they'd send you a private message with a link to submit your mailing address.

It looks like this year the PM was just sent out directly.

I am waiting for the card

I've noticed that the cards usually arrive after Hallowe'en if you live outside the US.

Then, I'll wait.....................................

it is not spam. Me also received few Halloween post cards in the past and filled out the form for this year's card