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I started painting my bike and the paint is getting a frosty orange peel affect whats causing it.? Answered

when I started on my third coat it started doing the what sold i do the primer and first two coats went well but this one looks horrible.


My experience is that itš most likely to be a different paint on the bottom to what youŗe now using. I might be wrong, but I think they use cellulose lacquer paints for most bikes so if youŗe trying to paint it with ordinary gloss or enamel - voila orangepeel! Car paints are generally cellulose so try those.

well your anwser i kinda wrong kuz i use a ordinary gloss on all my bikes but the only way to use cellulose lacquer paints u have to strip the bike all the way down to the bear frame

When I painted I painted in 86% humidity and I just repainted yesterday with the same paint but in 60% humidity and it turned out great. so I think that was the problem.

. IIRC, that can be caused by high humidity and/or incompatible paint/primer. Google "paint +orangepeel" (sans quotes) to check my memory.