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I want to build/ buy a cheap audio transmitter setup? Answered

I want to start hosting silent discos but I can't find anywhere that helps me with that. I want to start small. Have my one sender being my laptop and then I want a ton of small receiver boxes people can hook their headphones too. Anybody know a cheap solution? Or good links in how to make what im thinking of? Hopefully not fm or am if possible


Josehf Murchison

5 years ago

The question you are asking is more complicated than you know.

However the answer can be very simple.

This transmitter should do what you want it is just a crystal connected to your computer and an antenna.

Unfortunately you will need to build your own program in C++.

The receiver is any AM radio.



5 years ago

There are several ways to transmit audio. Each method has advantages and disadvantages. A wired setup has a big disadvantage of wires break and are always in the way. The FM transmitter can transmit to hundreds of receivers, but the receivers could be expensive unless each user can bring his own FM receiver. I think the FM transmitter is the best method. There are many models out there from home built to low power to high power. If possible, use the frequency of 87.5 Mhz if you are in the USA, because that frequency is BELOW the normal FM band and you will likely have very clear transmission/reception without nearby radio stations causing interference. You should be able to transmit several hundred feet without too much power.

Jack A Lopez

5 years ago

Why not use the FM band?

Receivers for this band, which are also called "FM radios", are cheap and ubiquitous. I have seen ones priced as low as 1 USD.

Professionally made transmitters for FM are pretty easy to find too.  Something in the range of a few 100 milliwatts; i.e. a few tenths of a watt, should be sufficient to broadcast to an area roughly the size occupied by a single house.

You may be worried about the legality of this, but don't be.  As long as (1) your signal is not right on top of, or somehow interfering with the reception of one of the professional radio stations, and (2) your signal is not so powerful as to carry for miles and kilometers away, then no one is going notice or care about your "pirate" (Arrrrr!) radio station.  

Condition (1), i.e. not irking those people who actually paid the FCC for the "right" to that part of the radio spectrum, is probably the most important consideration.

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