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I want to connect my Wii to the internet, but it just barley out of the range of my router. What can I do? Answered




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As mentioned below you have several options.

Wifi:  Get a higher gain antenna for your router, might boost the range just enough. 
Move the router physically closer or away from any blockers/sources of interference like metal/thick walls or fluorescent lighting.  Often times this is easy to do because the internet modem can be moved throughout the house too. 
Wifi repeaters suck, but will get the job done - don't expect your lag to be anything stellar with a repeated signal.

Consider running Wired -- its cheap and easy with a little research and cheap tools.  It can't be wirelessly hacked and is much faster.

Powerline network extenders work too - they repeat a wired ethernet signal over the power wires throughout your house.  They will set you back 50-100 dollars for a pair, but get the job done.  Great for places where wifi wont work and running wires isn't appropriate.

Lastly, you could mod your wii to have a better antenna - it's not user replacable by default so you'll need to take it apart, and wire a new antenna in (danger warranty robinson, danger!)

If you are using wifi to connect to your wii then you should buy a wifi repeater. a wifi repeater is basically a router but it connects to ur current wifi and retransmits it. If placed btween your access point and wii you should get a strong connection.

And/or see the other question today about WiFi boosters.


If so, you could try one of these. :D
They're simple to make and dirt-cheap too!

Get a longer extension to connect your router to the internet connection and move the router closer to the Wii.