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I want to make a batch file that sends a ton of emails at once. Anyone know how? Answered

Make a looping batch file that sends emails to one account over and over again.  This is for educational purposes only and I have an email account that I use as a spam account.



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One day you'll realise that playing with batch-script is mainly for kids and that if you want to do things like this you have to use something else.
Do you understand how your e-mail client communicates with your mail server? (I don't think so)


I did it! I made the jump and now know basic html and am eating it up! (I am a kid) It is slightly different but I also am learning java and if I can, adobe flash!

and everyone thinks it is cool I can make my own programs

Yes, but move onto something like Java script, do cooler and more useful.
I'd say vbs but I didn't like the look of it myself...


I'm going to get my moms cousin to teach me html code, and a bit of java. Until then, I am having fun teaching my friend batch.

Its an introduction to shell scripting though, which is a really really useful skill in Unix/Linux land.


Mmm, I did that.
Using a UNIX floppy-drive involved pointing to a "special device" down the end of a directory-tree... But I then added that into the HP-UX (pre-Apple) GUI "dock" with buttons and drop-boxes etc. A different kind of scripting, but still a piece of-.


Well, this is the first programming I have ever done. I hope to move on to html and java, but for now this is all I have learned. I taught myself because I always thought it would be cool to program. I have also taught someone else how to do it during art period and he agrees batch is a good place to start.


7 years ago

Does anyone use Rbasic, it makes exe files and
does not make the clumsy Enormous files like chairman Bill's ( microsoft ) does.
Three lines of code enters the web, enuf said.


First step would be to find a command-line-based mail program. Without that, forget it; you can't write that kind of functionality in batch.

Second step would be to find yourself kicked off your ISP for abusing their network.

Sounds like you're trying to "educate" someone not to mess with you.

can't be done. tons of emails have to be sent one at a time by hand only.

As Frollard says. Your best bet is to hire a bunch of "gold farmers" in China and have them generate and send the e-mails for you.