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I want to make over sized hats for parties. Any suggestions? Answered

I have seen huge foam cowboy hats and want ot make the same kind of thing but from a different material.


cardboard and duct tape. thick paper for the edges

Great idea but I may try paperbacked packintape to blend with the cardboard. I guess I could use the thick paper for accents as well. Thanks!

thats right too i sometimes help making costumes for the school stage arts team and make full costumes (mostly of anime characters) for roleplays i sometimes find it easier to paint over parts with graffiti / gouache paint and not bother from the beginning about using materials of the right color. i prefer gouache (best to paint with a sponge) cause it is eco friendly. though it is heavy and not good on clothes that need to be flexible without painting if you use tape in the appropriate places it just blends in. for example on a cowboy hat if you make the connection precisely around the head part then it looks as part of the hat even if the color of tape is wrong. it also makes a border between the cardboard and paper so that small color differences between them dont look too unnatural colored electrical tape is usefull for trims etc

What material? I've seen the local kindergartners make tissue paper hats. You could make them out of heavy paper (look up papercraft for ideas). Sew some out of felt or heavy cloth or multiple layers of cloth. 'Real' hats made out of shaped leather/suade/felted fur. Paper mache would be an option if you want a lot quickly and are willing to make a mold. Or tin foil for the paranoid party crowd : )

I would like to use similar material as an actual hat (or at least similar looking). The voices in my head say NOT to use tin foil though. I did score a sweet cadillac hubcab ornament to use as a belt buckle. Its about 8"x7". Yehaw

Spray paint covers any number of sins : ) If felt is to floppy, you could stiffen it with white glue.

Yeah I think I have decided on a stiff cardboard base covered with felt or similar and thick paper to look like leather accents.

experiment with cloth covered with a layer of sprayed hot glue or fast drying spray glue from the other side to keep it hardened in shape