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I want to take a standard inkjet printer and turn it into a solvent ink printer any ideas? Answered

I want to use this for making full color bumper stickers on vinyl. etc



10 years ago

If you understand or look up how inkjet printers work, the inkjet cartridge is composed of the reservoir of ink and a specially designed printhead that squeezes out and fires a micro drop of ink based on commands from the computer. If you replace that ink with something that it is designed for (viscosity, pigment size, etc) your printhead will clog or throw out spotty results at best. That is why many "fill your own ink" things do not work or foul up your printer. I think your best bet is to take a look at a plotter. Besides coming in wide carriage models to accomodate poster sizes, they work by using a "pen" instead of an ink cartridge/printhead. If you replace the "pen" with a suitable technical drawing pen tubed up to a reservoir of solvent based ink, your idea may work. It is a lot easier than trying to adapt an inkjet printer for its functionality. Good luck.