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I will review any gun. Answered

just so people know i am happy to review any gun as long as it follows these:

(1) it must be an instructable (so other people can build it)
(2) it has to be a decent gun (not like a 10 piece gun)

if you want me to review any guns just tell me here and i will work on it.


Could you review some of my guns if you have the time? Especially my MBAR (with upgrades posted here) and my MBSR.

at the moment im quite busy, so i might soon enough...

would you please review my S45 Vulture? nobody seems to notice it :(

im really busy at the moment, so i might do it someother time...

HAHAHAHA! whoops, i peed my pants...

alright then (sniff sniff) you made me feel bad!

okay.....  I'm logging off! seriously...

lets not start this again....

are you an instructables junkie?