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I would like to split a 6 panel door in half; is this possible without having the door 'fall apart'? Answered

I need two 14 inch, 6 panel doors.. all that is available to me is a 24 inch (Bermuda - not much selection..) I've been told that if I cut/split the door in half it will fall apart. There MUST be a way to cut in half/split a door... PLEASE HELP!!! I don't want to use a bi-fold door as they are too flimsy..




7 years ago

Depends on whether the door is solid wood or not. Try knocking on the door - does it sound solid or hollow? If it's hollow, it will fall apart. But if it's solid wood you'll be good to go! Slice it in half with a table saw for the best accuracy.

You should be able to cut down the center stile like Re-design describes. However, the inside and outside stiles of the newly cut doors will not be the same dimension. You might be better off have getting a custom cabinet maker fabricate the doors to your specifications rather than modifying a standard door.

Hmmm.. One of the downsides of living on a small island is having somthing custom ordered or fabricated is cost prohibative - the door itself is $300!! I have a small bathroom that can't handle a full door; hence why I want to split it.. my thinking is that we can split the door down the middle (with the 'cut' being at a slight angle - so no 'I can see you' space between the closed halves..)

What are the 'inside and outside stiles'??

Doors that are not of solid construction are made from a timber "frame" and then covered with some kind of panel on each side. Stiles are the side rails of the frame. In your case, The door will have a frame made up of sides, top and bottom rails, (possibly horizontal rails between each panel depending on the design), a vertical centre stile, and the six infill panels. Stiles are the three solid vertical rails, two sides and centre.

I take it you want to split the door and hinge both sides and have them meet in the middle like batwing doors. Is that correct? If so, cutting the middle stile on a angle might be a good solution to hide the seam. However, it would mean that the door would have to open and close with the overlapping side opening and clossing first. Or, you cold hinge each side to open opposite each other. On a 6 panel door, or at least those that I am familar with, have 3 vertical stiles, one on each side and one in the middle that separates the panels. Each of the stiles are normally the same size (approximately 4" or so). If you cut the door vertically down the middle, the middle stile would only be about 2 inches wide on each half of the door. The outer stiles would stil be about 4" wide. Unless I'm not visualizing you application correctly.

Cut if plumb and install a "t-astrigal" on the inside.

Is it solid-wood down the middle?


If you cut down the middle of the center stile it won't. The 6 panels are not glued in so they can expand but the rails and stiles are glued together. Should you get a door that is not glued, it won't fall apart if you are careful with it and then you can just glue it yourself.