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i think we should all think of a day to name "illegal day" where everybody goes oot and trys to do incrediably illegal things and then compile their day for the rest of the instructables community im in.. Cheers Tim


isnt illegal day basicly the day before holloween and i say we just all explode a buncha junk that nobody will care about but theyll still be like omg that dude just exploded some junk lets get him arrested then we do a cross country high speed car chase and all meet up and do some donuts then get arrested.

HA, that would be pretty cool if we had an "illegal day" I would go jack a bunch of crap from CVS or something =P


11 years ago

Well aside from larseny, arsenry, murder, and fraud.... it sounds good.....wait, now there is nothing left to do. I'm bored.... lets go rob a hobo.

And "arsenry" is a new one to me, perhaps this is the same as arson?

no arson is burning things. arsenry is the import and export of illegal weapons. At least I think that is the correct word for it. But I never thought to include arson. Thanks for the tip.

Robbing a hobo is larceny. And why would you rob a hobo? If you're going to rob, steal from someone who won't starve without what you take.

it was a joke. I was trying to act as mean as possible. I am really a very nice guy. Well, that is when I'm not angry.... you wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

oops typed too fast.

How is this remotely related to the instructables collaboration website?


11 years ago

Lmao how bout we call it Massive Darwin Awards Nominations Day?

illegal stuff is sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My friend and i used to have a day of lawlessness where we tried to see how many laws we could break. We had a policy of never harming individuals, but we were pretty brazen in our exploits. Petty Teenage Robin Hoods I guess.

sounds like my brother. give him a wave threw the bars for me. this time it's state, not federal- just so you know when to wave.