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Ideas for a counter balance Answered

I am looking at ways to replace the weight of the batteries in a cordless drill (the batteries leaked, and they are not sold to my knowledge anywhere in THIS country); after wiring in a power supply (making it corded).  

Any suggestions?   I have thought of a few but nothing seems overly viable at the moment.



6 years ago

How about a bunch of rocks?

I'd have to take a trip out into the countryside to pick up some rocks. I have to get over this blue funk I'm in again and get to it....with SOMETHING....I have an idea what I could use but I need to rig a double boiler for heating the plastic "stuff" to make a crude container for the weights I put in.

If I'd been young again, I could have gone trick or treating in a Charlie Brown ghost sheet with lots of holes in it and gotten a bag of rocks..... :-)

i think lead will be your best bet

to make a mold all you have to do is shape some clay or plasticine then make a mold of it using plaster, do it as a 2 part mold.

then melt your lead and pour it in the mold, i would make a battery size mold then you can just add as many as you need in the same place as the battery. and with the 2 part mold you can get the lead out easy.

Yes, as I have a lump of lead already that is around the proper weight, this is kind of what I was thinking of.

Stacks of metal washers, wrapped in paper (like rolls of quarters)?

Cement, moulded into the desired shape?

Hmm, the nice thing about the washers is I could regulate the weight fairly easily, and substitute more or less of the plastic "stuff" I mentioned to Ninzerbean, since I have that on hand already. Thank you.

If the plastic "stuff" you're referring to isn't Sugru, I might consider that stuff. Its pretty much the coolest DIY stuff out there. In fact one of their examples is a drill handle. http://www.thinkgeek.com/gadgets/tools/e976/

Well, I would need quite a quantity of it, and so that is not so cost effictive. No, the "stuff" I refer to is little granules that get heated on a double boiler, and at near the boiling point of water, it melts. I don't expect I will be using the drill in weather that is hotter than that, so I have no fear of it softening again after application :-)

Hmm, well I'd have to seal it somehow for it to remain wet, but that would work...I have to plastic molding "stuff" that could be used as a container (melts in a double boiler and you pour it into a mold). thanks

Dry sand weighs more than wet sand! A little more.

I would use a polyethylene bag, filled with concrete.

I would weigh the dry concrete, before mixing with water, to equate it with the battery. Keep in mind that some water is incorporated into the concrete permanently, I don't know the amount.

Lead can be melted on the stove in the kitchen. You can make a plaster cast of the cavity very easily. Control the amount of lead you will put, or the tool will be too heavy.

Verdad, mojodo arena es mas pesado que arena seca? Increible! (yo estoy aprendiendo el Espanol)

ok, I wasn't sure if you noticed you spelled it with an O instead of an A :-) when I went to "look it up" I couldn't find a reference to mojodo that made sense in the sentence :-)

Mojado = wet, damp, soaked, moist, soaking, sodden, sopping, watery, sloppy, dampish, slobbery
Húmedo = wet, humid, damp, moist, dank, watery, dabby

I suppose damp or soak is more watery than wet, is it so?

Damp sand it lighter than dry sand because water occupies a volume.

yes, she wrote mojodo however, and I was unable to find a reference for that that made sense :-)

Yes, I would cut out the proper weight in lead (if I use that), prior to melting it, but I would need to purchase cement.


6 years ago

Split-shot weights (from fishing supply store) in a baggie? Or any "sinker" weights...

Maybe just lead shot? (though I've never used/bought any).

That would certainly be more adjustable and I could weight it out ahead of time, and wouldn't even need to compensate for the relatively light weight plastic mold I'd use as a case for it. Thanks.

Sure. I don't know if they'd be heavy enough, but plain old BBs might work, too. And easy enough to find at your basic Walmart or D**k's (self-censoring so the filters don't get me). Or lead pellets for a BB gun.

Well, considering what is in a ni/cd battery, I would think they would be (especially lead "shot") but that again requires a purchase and would have to wait. I like the idea, but was hoping to finish up this project by the end of this weekend (I am still struggling with why inputting 18 vdc to the 18 v motor doesn't seem to do the trick (lack of torque), unless it isn't getting enough amperage....delays, delays... LOL


6 years ago

" I'm so confused "

Without the "weight" at the bottom from the batteries, the drill is very hard to "handle" as it is very top heavy.

Fascinating, thank you for explaining it for me.

Fill the area where the batteries used to be with fishing weights. (small steel balls)

I will have to check cost, thank you for the idea. I have a lump of lead already but it may be difficult to fashion into the proper shape an weight, but I shall see.