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If i make 5 LM1875 circuits, and put them in series, will i have 100 watts output power? Answered

what i mean is can i set it up like: audio source> input amp 1> output amp 1> input amp 2> output amp 2, etc... will there be around 100 watts ant the output of amp 5?
Also can i use the same power supply for all 5 and put the voltage inputs in parallel? (i.e. the 5 Vcc's in parallel with the positive output from the power supply, 5 Vee's in parallel with the neg of the power supply) heres the national semi page for it: http://www.national.com/mpf/LM/LM1875.html

if for some reason this doesnt work, can someone link me to a ~100w solid state amp, preferably something simple like the lm1875



8 years ago

You can't connect these in anyway that will sustantionaly increase the output level. Some IC modules could be connected in bridge mode providing the input was inverted, this way the output could be doubled! This type of power amp has a +ve & -ve supply with a seperate ground connection. So your best bet is Re-design's web link. A nice 200watt IC package which will comfortably provide your output with some in reserve.

Make a 100W amp. You can't get more power out of the last amp in a chain than it could provide on it's own at full volume.
You could wire a lot in parallel, but one big amp would be best.