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I'm a PRO member but I can't download Jack...or Jill or that matter! Answered

Paid over the weekend and can't download any PDFs or ePubs.  I sent an email to service but no answer yet.  I have tried logging my computers out and back on again to no avail.  I just keep getting the message that I'm a member, not a PRO member and do I want to sign up?  About now I'm wondering if I should have wanted to sign up to begin with;>)  Thanks for any help.


Your current status shows that you have not yet activated your Pro Membership.

Go to your "You" page and find the "Pro Membership" tab, then follow the redeeming link. After, you can download PDF's from any project page.

Hi Mikeasaurus! I have NO redeeming link. I cut and posted below what I see. I already paid for the pro membership and I certainly don't want to pay twice but as you can see below, that is what the pro membership tab wants me to do. Can you help me further???

We see you are not a pro member, go pro today to see all these awesome features!
Pro Features
Here are links to some of the pro features that come with your Pro membership.

Allsteps Preference
View all steps of an Instructable on the same page with the ability to set this as your default viewing preference.
Digital Patches
Did someone make something really cool or help you with a question? Send them a patch!
Private Projects
Make your Instructables Private and get a private link for sharing.

Looks like you got it working!

If you look at your above comment you can see an orange 'PRO' next to your name, this means you're now a Pro Member.

Thanks for your efforts! Matthew D. found something odd in the PayPal confirmation yesterday that he was able to fix. It would appear that Jack and Jill are just fine! I'm off to find a few good projects for the garden:>) Have a good weekend.