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I'm bored and I need something to do. Any ideas? Answered


Climb trees.

Can you turn your tongue up-side down? Can you put your foot behind your head? How long can you hold your breath? Can you get better? Can you slow down your breathing? How long can you go after you exhale before you need a new breath? Can you hear your heartbeat (needs to be quiet...)? Can you make it slow down? For how long? Can you cross your eyes? Can you make the sound of one hand clapping? Can you do it with both hands? Can you crack your knuckles? How many times? Both ways? How about your toes? How far can you reach and get back up without falling over or touching something?

Eat something random like a tissue Look up funny videos Play a Videogame Drink something you wouldn't usually drink like mustard or tartar sauce. Make a list of random stuff. PIE

where are you? what do you have at your disposal? how much time to do you have? describe your surroundings. Haha. this is like playing a text-based adventure. >Open desk >take pen >write note to future self